Berlin Gouache Zine

Published by Jasmine Langcaster-James on

I’ve never made a zine before, but after watching Sha’an d’Anthes’ (AKA Furry Little Peach) ‘Making a Mini Zine‘ video and felt inspired to try something new at 2am: zines and gouache paints. I found the process to be such a unique and special way to appreciate my favourite moments and photos from my trip in January. In each photo reference (a couple of which are included in my ‘48hrs in Berlin‘ post) I made sure to pick out the main block colours and I love the final minimal-impressionistic effect. Gouache was a completely unexpected medium, and seems like the perfect compromise between acrylic and water-colour paints: really helps me channel my inner Rifle Paper Company-esque style. So why not post the final product on the internet for all the nosey people of the world to see?

Enjoy –

And just a few closer up images for your tiny-painting-viewing-enjoyment…

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