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It was such an honour to have been part of February 2021’s issue of Livingetc magazine.
I was 12 years old when I got my first subscription to this magazine; I would sit and cut out images to make moodboards of my dream home and as I flicked through the glossy pages I made it my goal to one day be a part of this publication, in any way I could.

Then late last year, I offered my services as a shoot assistant to interior stylist, Hannah Franklin, and she had me on board for the New Modernity shoot.

The shoot was located in a stunning converted mill, alongside the owner’s own holiday home, at the top of a hill. The buildings were aptly named Jack and Jill, and the view was beautiful upon my early morning arrival.

The calm before the storm – the striking shoot location before set up was the perfect balance of industrial spaciousness and warm cosiness. Soft leather chairs and printed cushions grounded the space, making an inviting neutral toned living area.

The first couple of hours on set was a frantic race to bring in a mountain of packages and loaned furniture before unpacking it all ready to potentially be used in a shot.

It was fascinating to see Hannah work, almost creating new pieces by adding different fabrics, such as this Abstract 1928 fabric covering the seat of a Philippe Malouin chaise.
This stunning desk stole the show, in my opinion, having been sourced from Francis Gallery (the gallery run by Cereal magazine’s editor, Rosa Park).

I then assisted with setting up each upcoming shot in a quick and efficient way which was necessary as the shoot was a race against losing the light in a space that was so bright and airy with the floor to ceiling windows.

There is nothing more rewarding, to me, than picking a magazine off the shelf in a shop and opening it to see something you worked on (even if it’s just to know how heavy that stunning desk was).

Hannah Franklin’s Instagram post showcasing a still life shot I helped set up. The beautiful mottled light from the trees outside on the concrete fits so perfectly with the array of natural and stone pieces featured in this shot.
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