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Project Description

I worked for Barrow Street Press while living in Rhode Island, USA. My roles included creating publicity strategies such as online giveaways etc, organising press events and fundraisers such as poetry reading evenings, designing products and flyers, and building the press' Instagram.

- social media -

In my time with the Press I managed to triple Barrow Street's Instagram following by creating a cohesive, themed feed, consistently uploading to the feed and the story, and by engaging with followers and other similar accounts. I also produced a few line drawings featuring quotes from Barrow Street poetry books to make the feed, and consequently the brand, look creative and re-grammable (featured in Gallery slide above).

- design work -

As well as designing events flyers to promote fundraisers and poetry reading nights (featured in Gallery slide above), I decided to design a set of postcards/notecards for the press showcasing quotes from some of the most popular books. I wanted to create relatively minimal and simple designs, with varying colours but in similar pastel tones to ensure they go as a set and individually. The aim was to design pieces that would be functional, but also would look great on a wall, displayed in frames as a print, and also ensured they were 'Instagrammable'. This was in the hope that they would help to raise awareness of the Press through social media and word-of-mouth. I was really happy with how they turned out, and so was the Barrow Street team. They were given out for free along with purchases and at book sale events around the US (featured in Gallery slide above).


"Jasmine went above and beyond her responsibilities, bringing creativity, quality, and passion to every aspect of her work. During her time with us, she tripled our Instagram following and created unique publicity strategies for the press. Jasmine would be a fantastic asset in any position in the world of publishing, marketing and PR." - Nate Vaccaro - Publicity Managing Editor

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Barrow Street Press

Project Date:

June 1, 2018


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