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The Swan Retro Pump Espresso Coffee Machine is the perfect kitchen accessory. Forget your toaster, forget the slow cooker you use once a year: if coffee is your staple get-you-through-the-day beverage then you deserve more than regular old instant coffee. This coffee machine delivers beautifully hot and rich espresso, and can turn even the most novice coffee maker into an expert milk frother with it’s built in milk steamer. Making the perfect gift or investment for during lockdown, it is sure to fill that coffee mug sized hole in your life while coffee shops are shut, delivering cappuccinos, lattes and Americanos which would make your local barista proud.

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The price is excellent for a machine of this size, capability and 1.2 litre capacity, not to mention the beautifully unique and sleek design. The retro body goes perfectly with my kitchen style and the eye-catching faux-wooden details, such as the handle and knob and heat gauge surrounds, are fantastically unique. 

Vonchef Coffee Accessory set – £25.99
Waitrose barista Cappuccino mug – £5.25

Though it doesn’t come with all the accessories you will need, it does come with a plastic coffee scoop/tamper tool. However, the silver hardware on the machine is sure to match the accessories you will need to make the perfect coffee, such as this affordable Vonchef coffee machine accessory set, complete with a milk jug, stencils, and tamper. A set like these mugs from Waitrose are perfect to make a variety of coffees in, and the bars on the top of the Swan coffee machine are ideal for holding small espresso cups for easy access. Choose the right ground coffee, and you’ll have yourself a drink with the delicious richness of a coffee-shop-coffee, to keep you going throughout your working-from-home day. 

Available at Currys, the Swan Retro Pump Coffee Machine, with it’s wooden-look details, truly is the best investment or gift for any coffee-lover.

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