Mabel, Marvin and Mim: Go On An Adventure

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Project Description

Mabel, Marvin and Mim: Go On An Adventure is a children's story that I wrote, illustrated and printed for a University project.


"When Mabel, Marvin and Mim set off on an adventure one day, they discover more than they expected... New friends, challenges and obstacles test their individual strengths, but they soon learn that together they make the mightiest team of all!"

Original Watercolour Art Work

The idea behind the narrative was to create characters that transcend issues such as race and gender by having anthropomorphic animals. I attempted to challenge gender stereotypes in children's books by having Marvin, the young boy mouse, be a caring and kind character, and having Mabel be athletic, and Mim as a brave, outgoing character. This was to encourage children to be who they want to be, and use their strengths to their advantage, whether their strengths conform to gender convention or not.

The inspiration behind the illustrations came from the Edwardian style of illustrations. Think Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit etc. I wanted to create lovely nature filled illustrations for the children to look at, and also a nostalgic and familiar tone for the adult or parent to enjoy while they read the story to the children.

Please enjoy looking at the final result in the downloadable PDF below.

Project Details


University of East Anglia Press

Project Date:

February 8, 2019


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