Be Your Own Muse

Published by Jasmine Langcaster-James on

This week I have been experimenting with digital artwork. I watch so many illustrators on Youtube who use Procreate to produce beautiful illustrations, but I was worried about paying for the app before I knew if I liked it or not. Thankfully I found a free version (called Pocket) for my iPhone and was pleasantly surprised by how many options there were. My personal art style is less of the clean-line-cartoon-illustrator style and more of a raw-sketchy style, so I was so pleased that there were options that enabled me to stick to my style and produce work that had a sketchy quality to them, despite being digital.

This ‘Muse’ series I created, which I shared on Instagram earlier this week, was inspired by my passion for body positivity and self-esteem. I loved going to my first life-drawing class back in December, and found it so beneficial for my own confidence and body-image attitudes. I decided to embrace my own body and produce these nude sketches to celebrate the female form.

I’m so pleased with how they turned out, and love the way this medium marries the ancient practice of sketching, with the 21st Century digital age.

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