Priority Plan Sheet

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I don’t know about you, but I live my life through meticulous list-making; I am a huge fan of a good to-do list. My to-do lists contain checks for the smallest of tasks, such as showering and exercise reminders, to more difficult or ‘big’ tasks such as essay deadlines and finance payments. I know many people like to keep their to-do lists as a concise and short as possible, in the hopes that they will be more achievable. However, when I started to list small tasks too, I found that I felt much more motivated as I was able to quickly and easily cross off tasks throughout the day, and even on days where I was struggling to focus on stressful chores.

So after plastering my planner with hundreds of lists and notes over the past couple of years, and wondering if other people do the same, I thought it was time to design a Priority Plan sheet on inDesign. This sheet is designed to compartmentalise ‘to-do’s, and separate them into ‘The Little Stuff’, whatever that may mean to each individual, ‘The Middle Stuff’ and ‘The Big Stuff’. I also wanted to create a section where you can write down a motivational phrase or mantra that you can read each time you come to revise your list, keeping you motivated and positive.

I wanted to make this sheet freely available to everyone, so it’s included in this post as a free PDF download for you to print at home whenever you need some structure to your to-do list. It is, of course, designed to look beautifully minimal on your desk, with the millennial pink accents, and sized to fit into most A5 planners. I’ve cut mine to fit on the ‘notes’ side of my Moleskine Weekly Planner, and to fit in the planner’s back pocket so I can use them whenever I need.

I’m so pleased with how it turned out, so I hope you like it too! If you do download or print this sheet, make sure you snap a picture of your To-Do list to add to your Insta feed and tag me, @thejasmineaesthetic

Happy organising!

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