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I love the way this photo looks like it was captured on film, without any filters or editing. That’s London at golden hour for you.

I’ve had a few things I’ve been loving lately and raving about to all who will listen in my personal life so I thought, why not share with the world and write it all in a fat blog post? If you need book, tv show or dress recommendations then I’m your gal and this is the place to be. So grab a cup of tea and clear your schedule for tonight because, after this, you should be spending your evening online shopping, flicking through Instagram, and Netflixing (which is of course a verb now, right?).

the book.

Mythos – by Stephen Fry

The book I’ve been reading, and loving, this month has been Mythos by Stephen Fry. I’m only half way through and I’ve already been recommending it to all my book-loving friends; it’s an easy to read, funny, fascinating retelling of Greek myths. From the story of how the universe started out of Chaos, to Pandora’s box and Zeus’ creation of man from clay, Fry tells it all with wit and interesting footnotes that make me ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ out loud, I’m sure much to the annoyance of commuters on the tube round me.

the outfit.

I’ve been obsessed with billowy fabrics and oversized clothing for years, and finally it’s come into fashion as we move away from the era of ‘body-con’. Thank G… Athena (the Greek Goddess of aesthetics and weaving/clothes – see, Mythos really is rubbing off on me). I walked into Zara last week and stopped dead as I had entered organza heaven… until I saw the dress of my dreams, and ran over to snatch the last of my size. £29.99 of billowy oversized goodness, perfect for hiding a brunch food baby and avoiding heat-wave-under-boob-sweat-patches. I love that this piece can be worn loose with trainers for a more casual daytime look, or cinched in with a belt paired with heels or pumps. And last but certainly not least: It. Has. Pockets. You’re welcome.

Casual for an afternoon of brunching and wandering round London in a killer heatwave.
More dressed up for a day of exploring Buckingham Palace and dining in The Savoy restaurant.

the tv shows.

I have a couple of TV shows I’ve been obsessed with at the minute, which if you know me would come as quite a surprise. I don’t watch much TV as a general rule because I’m a chronic procrastinator and nothing good comes from starting a long series of a great show when I should be focusing on more productive things: being convinced to watch Game of Thrones while at University resulted in more all-night binge watches than I care to admit. But I have managed to find a couple of shows that have worked for me. Jane the Virgin is a hilarious telenovela-style Netflix show that I’ve been able to pace myself on and thoroughly enjoyed. Following a religious young woman (clue is in the title: her name is Jane and she is a virgin) who gets accidentally artificially inseminated and navigates twists, turns, a baby, a budding writing career and a love triangle, all with her supportive mother and grandmother by her side. It’s dramatic, comedic, silly, fun, and even has the odd tear-jerker moment, what’s not to love?

Gentleman Jack, on the other hand, is a very different kind of show. On the BBC iPlayer/HBO, Gentleman Jack is a period drama series following the true story of Miss Anne Lister, a lesbian landowner living in Halifax in the 19th Century. She meets Ann Walker, a single 29 year old, and begins a secret love affair. Lister’s life was recorded in secret diaries she wrote in code and hid in her house’s walls until they were discovered and cracked years after her death. Suranne Jones does an INCREDIBLE job of portraying Lister, and the result is a dramatic, romantic, witty, beautiful show… one that I have already watched three times (I told you, I can’t be trusted with a TV).

the ‘gram.

I’ve become passionate about The Jasmine Aesthetic Instagram again since I decided to stop pressuring myself to only post photos I took and artwork that I created. I know that I’m my own worst critic, as most creative people are, but it was taking the fun out of having this platform as an outlet because I wasn’t able to curate it to look how I imagined it should. As a result, I’ve decided to start posting photography, words, and artwork that other’s have created as well as my own work. I am already having so much more fun with it and finding it more exciting to share what inspires me and would ordinarily live in a giant folder of screenshots on my phone. After only a week I already have a mood-board that better encapsulates my vision. I hope you’re enjoying it too, and if you haven’t followed the account already, I’d love to have you there!

the place.

I have decided to give this recent favourite its own dedicated blog post, as I have so many gorgeous photos and things to say about it that it simply can’t be tagged on the end of this post. So look out for that coming soon… its a surprise.

I’d love to hear some of your recent favourites: any to-die-for dresses I just have to spend money on? Any TV shows that will keep me up for a week binge watching (I heard Killing Eve is a good ‘un…)? Any books that I can continue to irritate fellow commuters by ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ at? Let me know in the comments below, or head over to the Instagram and have a chat in the comments over there.

Speak soon xoxo

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